About us

Mutu Tactical, as part of Mutu Consulting GmbH, represents the leading European company Croshield, as manufacturer of body armour, hard armour plates, helmets and composite protection materials and systems. We deliver customized personal protection to civilian, governmental and military clients. In close cooperation with Croshield we are able to develop the best possible protection solution for every customer, with outstanding classifications and compliance to Nato standards, and unsurpassed speed of delivery and service.


Aside from Croshield as our sole ballistic protection supplier, we represent ESP as our tactical gear supplier. From batons to handcuff holders, from anti riot shield to rifle and gun magazine holders, we represent all ESP products in designated countries.
For more information on ESP products, please mail to : info@mutu-tactical.com


The representation of the LIAZ Skyspotter drone systems, is our latest addition to our company activity. This professional drone concept for civilian and military use, is represented in designated countries in Europe and Asia.
Contact us for more information at: otto@mutu-tactical.com